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The objective of the Foundation is to promote the artistic, political and historical legacy of Count Gyula Andrássy in Hungary and in Europe.


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  1. The names of the Founder and Members of the Board are located under Organisation.
  2. The minutes of the Board Meetings can be found under Minutes and Resolutions.
  3. Under News, information can be found on:
    1. An equestrian statue of Count Gyula Andrassy will be placed on the site of the original statue next to Parliament during 2014. Details can be found under News section.
    2. The unveiling of a statue of Andrassy Gyula by Foreign Minister Janos Martonyi, took place at Godollo on 23rd June, 2011. The statue is granted on long term loan by the Andrassy Foundation to the Royal Palace at Godollo where it is exhibited in the Coronation Room. The unveiling took place during the Hungarian EU Presidency and was attended by an audience of international representatives. For details and photos see News.
    3. The Foundation granted a statue of Gyula Andrassy on long term loan to the Royal Palace at Gödöllő. An unveiling ceremony took place on 23rd June, 2011. Please see News for details.
    4. The book launch of "Trianon egy angol szemével", the Hungarian edition of Bryan Cartledge's Károlyi & Bethlen, Hungary: Makers of the Modern World, The Peace conferences of 1919-23 and their aftermath was held on 3rd June, 2009 at Litea bookstore Hess András tér. Both language editions were published simultaneously.
    5. An exhibition on the life of Gyula Andrassy was opened at the Chateau in Gödöllő on Friday 5th June, 2011. You can find an introductory article "Gyula Andrassy years of exile 1849-1857" here and also a description of the exhibition and a programme of lectures.
  4. Book Reviews contains press reviews of Letters from the Andrassy House (1864-1869).